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(yes i know somethign is mispelled) Erm, hello. And welcome. My name is Rachael and this here is my blog full of SnK. No.6, Star Trek, Les Mis, wtnv, LOTR, lots of Fall out Boy, and uh other miscellaneous things. Also I love musicals and sometimes I liveblog things. Occasional personal posts will be made seeing as this is a personal blog.

so for prom my school sent out an email for this diet program fundraiser to get in shape for prom and get a flat stomach in just 21 days

so i wrote an email detailing the harmful effects of skinny societal beauty standards and sent it every single 11th and 12th grader

19Apr ♥ 8 notes

rosarios talking about college and maybe moving away and im sad and fuck im gonna miss her if she goes to berkely

7Apr ♥ 3 notes

ahhhhh my girlfriend sent me a video of her singing “someone” by the beatles cause she said it reminded her of me ;w;

condom balloon

condom balloon

23Mar ♥ 1 note

ohMYGOD so my friend cassie had an alice in wonderland themed birthday party today and it was so tricked out omg like to go in you had to step thru a passageway into wonderland and everyone was dressed up and it was so cool

tHEN rosario and iwent to a queer concert thing and saw gaycdc and they ripped a bible, threw around a blowup doll and played with a dildo on stage, plus we stole their sign at the end that said “let there be cocks”. glitterbang and jessica von rabbit were really good too and i danced most of hte night and there was a sermon from the butch bible and we testified and praised butch itwas a magical night

22Mar ♥ 1 note

ahhhhh mallorie introduced me to her friends today i hope i wasnt too awkward, one of her friends said we made a cute couple ;w;

so guys, i have a girlfriend now c:

her name is mallorie uwu

top three lady loves: kat dennings, meagan camper, and ilana glazer

upset that i finished all the broad city episodes already i need mooooooooooore

ugh fucking english teacher took my ipod and now i have to get a parent to pick it up and my moms too lazy to go and my dad gets home too late to do anything

i want my ipod

and my independece

eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy made out with a girl for the first time today

i think i finally found a reason to go to the south

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french music makes me happy

french music isnt available on bootleg sites

23Feb ♥ 1 note