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(yes i know somethign is mispelled) Erm, hello. And welcome. My name is Rachael and this here is my blog full of SnK. No.6, Star Trek, Les Mis, wtnv, LOTR, lots of Fall out Boy, and uh other miscellaneous things. Also I love musicals and sometimes I liveblog things. Occasional personal posts will be made seeing as this is a personal blog.

Mary Sues, summarised in a meme.

Shitty OC: Hey I just met you
Shitty OC: And this is crazy
Shitty OC: But my name is Princess Yamichan Darkshadow Higurashi Kiara Baginsky-Jones-Beilschmidt-Honda and I am the long-lost sister of Prussia and I represent Israel and Ireland and Africa and I am a inuneko and I cut myself because Russia murdered and raped me but England's magic brought me back because he loves me even though he is a rapist like Spain and I love bacon and cake and being random and I am a scene queen but I'm not a poser like those preps over there and my boobs are too big for me to move comfortably and Ukraine is jealous and I killed Hungary because she's a whore also Belarus raped me and you are my true love Doitsu-chan
Shitty OC: So fuck me maybe
Ludwig: Who the fuck is Doitsu
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