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(yes i know somethign is mispelled) Erm, hello. And welcome. My name is Rachael and this here is my blog full of SnK. No.6, Star Trek, Les Mis, wtnv, LOTR, lots of Fall out Boy, and uh other miscellaneous things. Also I love musicals and sometimes I liveblog things. Occasional personal posts will be made seeing as this is a personal blog.

Facts about Me

1) If I’m going through a list, I like to start at the end and work my way up

2) I have completely given up on labeling my sexuality but I think I’m like a on the Kinsey scale. 

3) I’m terrified of sharks. I couldn’t take baths when I was younger because I couldn’t stop seeing shark fins in the water. 

4) I adore floral prints give me floral things

5) I’m a huge fucking hipster I’m trash

6) I love p much every type of music like you can find almost anything on my ipod.

7) I have a pitbull her name is Sage and she is a precious princess.

8) I love reading fairy tales like I have a collection of fairy tales from around the world.

9) I like to sit on my roof a lot especially at night. 

10) Right now I have a friend living with me cause her home life sucks, her name is Bianca and she’s very energetic. 

11) I’m usually pretty quiet around strangers unless you talk about something I’m interested/passionate about.

12) I will walk barefoot whenever I can and this has led to quite a few blisters and burns on my feet.

13) I’ve graduated from high school and I’m starting college this year.

14) I really want to get more involved in the lgbtq+ community like attend events and help out and shit

15) My birthday is August 14

16) I’m seventeen right now

17) I like sewing and I’ve been making lots of bow ties and hair bows and I made a queer punk vest.

18) My hair color matches my eyes.

19) Both of my parents have masters degrees in fields of science

20) So there were a lot of science books and lab materials when I was  growing up.

21) I’m a fucking nerd

22) Juice boxes make me extremely happy

23) I like to wear both mens and womens clothing

24) I have tiny hands and feet

25) I like making cds for people I like.

26) I will actively try to never have a smart phone. I’m fine with my piece of shit phone from the 8th grade.

27) One of my best friends in high school was my Philosophy teacher who is the biggest fucking hipster ever.

28) Suspenders and vests make me happy (but not at the same time)

29) It never rains where I live so when it rains you can bet your ass I’m outside in it.

30) Fave candy is kit kat

31) My creative writing teacher last year is a punk rocker vegetarian who always wears black and is very eccentric… 

32) I have a lot of moles because I am white 

33) I will make fun of how white I am/my family is

34) I like mechanical pencils over wooden ones

35) I hate writing in pen

36) I write in cursive

37) I am that person that wears pajama pants out in public

38) I’ve always preferred a few close friends over a lot of acquaintances  

39) I think I’m fucking amazing

40) My oldest brother is getting married this year

41) My other brother and I are very close and he vents to me a lot about work and we talk nerdy things

42) I currently take medication for anxiety and depression

43) I like to write poetry and short stories

44) Usually my short stories are very very gay

45) My ears aren’t pierced

46) I got my introversion from my dad

47) I sometimes whore my dad out to friends whos home life isn’t all that great

48) My username is yetanotherwallflower because I’m a wallfower. That’s pretty much a given.

49) I’ve took german in high school

50) I wish I read more

51) Fuck I’m only halfway done

52) I get skittish around crowds especially crowds of strangers.

53) I have no idea what house I’m in for game of thrones because every quiz gives me a different answer

54) I’ve always been a lot more mature than my peers.

55) I blush very easily and visibly.

56) I’m a proud Ravenclaw

57) I have a bulliten board that I fill up with things that make me happy like pictures my friends drew and events we went to

58) I am horrible at keeping a planner or calender 

59) My first anime was One Piece.

60) My first manga was Death Note.

61) My face makes intense expressions like when I pout I literally look like this >:C

62) I like big shirts and I cannot lie

63) I have a lot of owl paraphernalia in my room

64) My number one pet peeve is noises you make with your mouth.

65) Like squishing

66) or squelching

67) or smacking

68) or retching

69) or just anything that is not talking

70) I never really named any of my stuffed animals as a kid. Names didn’t really seem all that important.

71) I prefer cold and wet to hot and dry.

72) Uhhh I drink tea in the morning because I really don’t like coffee

73) I crack my joints a lot

74) I’m adorable

75) I uploaded M rated fanfiction on my ipod and took it to a church retreat.

76) I can’t stand loud obnoxious snoring. Like, a little bit is okay. But not foghorn level.

77) If it is then I start crying.

78) I both love and hate my handwriting.

79) My best friend’s name is Nemo and she’s such an amazing friend that I tell people they need to find their own Nemo

80) Running out of things to say

81) I loathe wearing dresses or skirts.

82) Nemo has psychic dreams

83) I am going to therapy to try to work on my social anxiety and shyness.

84) I’ve become a lot more forward with my feelings

85) I love knee/thigh high socks.

86) And I like big sweaters or shirts with tight pants.

87) If I shower for you then that means I really love you

88) When I was younger I would watch Star Trek with my dad. ( I always wanted to be like Spock)

89) We also watched McGyver.

90) And Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Tara was my fav)

91) People assume I’m super smart for some reason

92) I think it’s cause I’m quiet and I do my work

93) I really don’t like being the center of attention. 

94) I’ve been trying to learn how to write in calligraphy. 

95) For creative writing we had to write our own personal hell and mine involved a bro and a brony

96) I really want to cosplay.

97) I hate driving even though I can I realllly prefer not to 

98) I love long car rides though

99) I like painting my nails

100) Have I put favorite color is blue yet?

Here’s Rachael