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(yes i know somethign is mispelled) Erm, hello. And welcome. My name is Rachael and this here is my blog full of SnK. No.6, Star Trek, Les Mis, wtnv, LOTR, lots of Fall out Boy, and uh other miscellaneous things. Also I love musicals and sometimes I liveblog things. Occasional personal posts will be made seeing as this is a personal blog.

Facts about Me

1) If I’m going through a list, I like to start at the end and work my way up

2) I have two older brothers named Steven and Kevin and they’e both in their 20’s.

3) I’m terrified of sharks. I couldn’t take baths when I was younger because I couldn’t stop seeing shark fins in the water. 

4) I’m closer to my dad and my brother Kevin than my mom.

(In fact the brother you’ll hear me talk about the most is probably Kevin unless I say I’m complaining about Steven)

5) Kevin is a huge nerd and we will have like hour long philosophical discussions on why Sam jumped into the pit or why can’t Death just kill Lucifer. 

6) He works at a retail gift shop so sometimes he’ll come home and say “Rachael  there was a girl wearing a doctor who shirt and I understood the reference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 

7) The most common comment I get from my teachers is that I should speak up more or they tell my parents that I’m so quiet.

8) I like to write but I fear I’m not very good at it.

9) My favourite class is Philosophy and Ethics.

10) Compared to most people I’m very level headed, compared to my friend Rosario I can get emotionally compromised. 

11) But overall I can think pretty clearly in a stressful situation.

12) I hate confrontations.

13) I have a box labeled “Too Many Feelings Emergency Kit” and I have my teddy bear, my shock blanket, and nutella in it for when I watch Supernatural and Doctor Who

14) My favourite number is 28 because it’s even, its 14 twice and 7 four times

15) My birthday is August 14

16) I’m seventeen right now

17) I love the sound of ticking clocks

18) I have a red dot under my left eye

19) Both of my parents have masters degrees in fields of science

20) So there were a lot of science books and lab materials when I was  growing up.

21) People hear the weirdest things when I mumble.

22) The only jewelry I wear are necklaces and maybe a couple friendship bracelets. 

23) I have extremely fucked up teeth and jaws.

24) Seriously, I’m getting multiple surgeries to fix it.

25) I’ve never had short hair.

26) I always have to fold my legs under me when I’m sitting.

27) I’m trying to become ambidextrous. Though I’m right handed. 

28) I never really do anything with my hair. It’s just… there (mostly because the lack of an overly feminine influence in my life I never learned to care about making it pretty)

29) I love classic rock.

30) I can’t fall asleep to classical music or “relaxing nature sounds” However I fall asleep pretty quickly if I’m listening to the  rock radio or something.

31) If allowed I will always choose to be barefoot.

32) My first R-Rated movie was Sweeney Todd, but since I watched it online the version it had had Swedish subtitles.

33) I love reference materials. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesauruses ect.

34) I’m not very sentimental. (This can  get me into trouble sometimes)

35) Sexuality wise I usually just say I’m queer. It’s a nice blanket term but if we want to get precise it’s demisexual panromantic

36) I have an extremely small amount of clothes because I hate shopping for them. But I fricking love handmedowns.

37) I hate shopping in general unless its for books.

38) Even though I’m extremely shy, most of the friends I’ve made, I was the initiator. 

39) I also love classical music.

40) Even though I’ve never had an exceptional English teacher, I still really like the subject. I really wish for once I had a good teacher for it though.

41) In philosophy I’m kind of everyone’s little sister because I’m the only junior in a room full of seniors and I’m in a different academy so it’s actually kind of nice. (Though I think I’m one of the nerds of the class too)

42) I’ve been called into the office before because they wanted to “make sure everything was alright” with me

43) My desktop is a slideshow of all the fanart I have saved because I couldn’t pick just one.

44) I’m not ashamed of my body but I still feel more comfortable dressing more modestly. 

45) I have a dog named Sage.

46) She’s a pitbull and a sweetheart.

47) I used to not really get emotional over tv shows and books but now I at least tear up. (Maybe the stuff I watch is just getting more emotional)

48) My username is yetanotherwallflower because I’m a wallfower. That’s pretty much a given.

49) I’ve taken two (coming up on three) years of German at my school.

50) I seriously can not pick a favourite movie, music, or book.

51) If I go home and say “I raised my hand in class today” that’s like a really big cause for excitement. 

52) I get skittish around crowds especially crowds of strangers.

53) Unless I’ve known you for a while and warmed up to you, I will not get that you’re teasing me or else I just won’t respond.

54) I’ve always been a lot more mature than my peers.

55) I blush very easily and visibly.

56) I’m a proud Ravenclaw

57) My room is very bland simply because I don’t care enough to decorate it.

58) I don’t have a laptop. But I’ve taken up using my dad’s a lot over the summer. (But now it’s the school year and I have to use the back computer which means an early bedtime)

59) My first anime was One Piece.

60) My first manga was Death Note.

61) The angrier or more frustrated I get, the more eloquent my vocabulary gets.

62) I tend to wear darker colored clothing.

63) I’ve been known to crossdress.

64) My number one pet peeve is noises you make with your mouth.

65) Like squishing

66) or squelching

67) or smacking

68) or retching

69) or just anything that is not talking

70) I never really named any of my stuffed animals as a kid. Names didn’t really seem all that important.

71) I prefer cold and wet to hot and dry.

72) I really want a trench coat. Like, I would give just about anything to own one.

73) I have no idea what I want to do in the future.

74) I have no idea what I want to do now.

75) I uploaded M rated fanfiction on my ipod and took it to a church retreat.

76) I can’t stand loud obnoxious snoring. Like, a little bit is okay. But not foghorn level.

77) If it is then I start crying.

78) I both love and hate my handwriting.

79) My former best friend is now my bully

80) Running out of things to say

81) I loathe wearing dresses or skirts.

82) Most of my friends remember having amazing and vivid dreams but I can never remember any of mine.

83) I am going to therapy to try to work on my social anxiety and shyness.

84) I don’t really drink soda or coffee or energy drinks. But I frickin love tea.

85) I love knee/thigh high socks.

86) And I like big sweaters or shirts with tight pants.

87) I don’t really go out or even hang out with friends because it takes a lot to get me out of the house but thankfully my friends understand that and are happy when I chose to go outside it’s with them. I rlly frickin love my friends.

88) When I was younger I would watch Star Trek with my dad. ( I always wanted to be like Spock)

89) We also watched McGyver.

90) And Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Tara was my fav)

91) A lot of people think I’m really smart.

92) So I guess I’m really smart.

93) I really don’t like being the center of attention. 

94) I’ve been trying to learn how to write in calligraphy. 

95) Nerdy merchandise I own include: TARDIS cookie jar, dalek computer guard, Arwen’s necklace, LOTR pez dispensers, a few shirts, all 7 seasons of supernatural, lightsaber flashlight, doctor who encyclopedias, and copies of harry potter and lord of the rings. 

96) I really want to cosplay.

97) If I get a headache when I’m really tired, then I get nauseated. 

98) I’m only 5’ 2”.

99) People are fascinated with my tiny hands and feet.

100) Have I put favorite color is blue yet?